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Block Convey’s Day at NYU Berkley Center: A Look Back

In March, Block Convey had the unique opportunity to take over the NYU Berkley Center for a day. Our followers joined us on this exciting journey by tuning into our Instagram Story takeover on @nyuinnovation Instagram.

They were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Block Convey and experienced a day in the life of our founder, @ns.arunprasad11. From brainstorming sessions to strategy discussions, our followers got a firsthand view of how we operated and innovated.

The NYU Berkley Center, part of the prestigious New York University, is known for inventing the future of business. It serves as a venture design studio that helps NYU entrepreneurs and innovators bring their ideas to life. By taking over the NYU Berkley Center, we stepped into a space that fosters innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Throughout the day (from 9 AM to 5 PM EST), our followers enjoyed a series of insights, inspiration, Q&A sessions, and opportunities to connect with us. This was their chance to learn more about Block Convey, our work, and our vision for the future of Blockchain, Data Monetization, and Data Management.

Our Instagram Story was updated throughout the day. We were excited to share this day with our followers and appreciated their active participation!

Head over Block Convey's Instagram if you want to see a full story of what happened!


Or reach out to Block Convey at

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Dec 13, 2023

As a small clinic with limited resources, what are the most practical and cost-effective ways to leverage AI and blockchain to improve our information governance without overwhelming our staff or compromising patient privacy and security?

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