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AI machine learning solutions

AI/Machine Learning

Unveiling New Horizons in AI/Machine Learning through Blockchain

By blending the strengths of AI and blockchain, Block Convey unlocks untapped potential, propelling your business to new frontiers

Federated Learning

A decentralized machine learning method that trains algorithms across multiple devices or servers, maintaining data privacy and efficiently handling large datasets.

Block Convey provides a secure and transparent multi-party computation setup that's perfect for Federated Learning.

Our blockchain platform ensures data privacy while providing a tamper-proof record of model updates.

Decentralized AI

Decentralized AI is the process of distributing the computational tasks of AI across multiple systems or nodes, rather than centralizing them on one main server.


Our blockchain can enable AI/ML to achieve a more secure, reliable, and efficient AI system, by using the power of blockchain technology.


AI logic can be encoded into smart contracts, allowing for the automated execution of AI decisions.

Computer Vision

Computer vision enables computers to see, identify, and process images in the same way that human vision does, and then provide appropriate output.


Computer Vision relies heavily on data integrity for accurate analysis and model training.


Our blockchain platform enhances this integrity, ensuring your computer vision solutions are built on robust, secure data, throughan immutable record of all transactions, contributing to model accountability and traceability.

Smart Contracts for AI

Smart contracts can automate business processes, reduce the potential for human error, and eliminate the need for a centralized authority, thereby increasing efficiency and trust.

By encoding AI logic into smart contracts, decisions made by AI can be carried out in a secure, autonomous, and trustworthy manner.

Our team can help you develop automated, trustworthy execution of AI decisions without the need for a centralized authority, reducing potential manipulation or error.

Dynamic NFTs

Unlike traditional NFTs, which have static properties that don't change over time, dynamic NFTs can evolve, interact, or update over time, making them "alive" or "reactive" to various inputs or environments.

Our blockchain platform provides an immutable record of changes in NFT properties, ensuring clear ownership and rights management.

Additionally, our smart contracts govern the dynamic behavior of NFTs, allowing attributes or ownership to change based on defined triggers or events.

dynamic nft
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