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Revolutionize Your Healthcare Practice with Blockchain Solutions

Empowering Healthcare Innovation with Secure, Scalable, and Interoperable Blockchain Solutions

Secure Patient Data Exchange

Traditional patient data exchange is susceptible to breaches and misuse

Utilizing distributed and encrypted data collection systems, we safeguard PHI (Protected Health Information) from centralized cyberattacks.

Our blockchain technology distributes data across the network, fortifying patient information against single-point hacks and ensuring secure, seamless information exchange across various healthcare systems.

Enhanced EHR Functionality

Traditional Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems often operate in silos, making data exchange difficult.

Block Convey's blockchain-based EHR solutions offer enhanced functionality, allowing for secure, interoperable data sharing across multiple healthcare providers, improving the continuity of care.

Block Convey allows data management and storage to be distributed across a variety of nodes, mitigating the risks of the existing centralized platform.

Data Validation for Clinical Trials

Clinical trials generate vast amounts of data that need to be accurately validated.

Our blockchain solutions provide an immutable record of data, ensuring its integrity and traceability.

This helps in reducing errors, improving the reliability of the results, and accelerating the drug development process.

Patient Data Management

Block Convey’s blockchain technology allows for ongoing data-collection mechanisms that would lead to improved healthcare for all patients.

With devices such as Fitbit, data can be collected and shared with selected healthcare professionals to constantly monitor the health of patients within a network.

Preventative care would be enhanced via blockchain technologies, as health conditions would be caught and managed before they become overbearing.

blockchain powered telemedicine
Blockchain-Powered Telemedicine

Block Convey empowers telemedicine with secure, seamless blockchain solutions.

Our technology ensures interoperability in remote patient care, enhancing accessibility and patient experiences.

We safeguard IoT devices in healthcare, ensuring data integrity, privacy, and secure sharing with providers.

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