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3. About BlockConvey

BlockConvey was inception with a mission to drive the next phase of blockchain solutions to enterprises and individuals. Companies are now discussing more composing topics such as creating and producing commodities on demand, dematerialization, and disintermediation, rather than software, algorithms, and automation robotics. Integration of AI and blockchain will affect various factors, such as safety and transparency. Blockchain can solve a variety of challenges in a modern manufacturing environment.

The blockchain protocol is defined based on the system architecture of a permissioned private network. We want to divide the network topology into Validator nodes, masternodes, and light nodes. The Network topology will be explained later in the paper.

keeps in mind the need for the present and the wants for the future.

Utilizing collectively-trusted subnetworks within the more extensive network, we show that the “trust” required for these subnetworks is minimum if they use our topology discussed, where only specific nodes have the authority to add the next block.

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